Saturday, March 08, 2003

Are you living upto your worth?

Read on to fine out if you can make your life worth the while, or rather worth the life.......

Sometimes I feel "why am I here"? Its like what have I been sent here to do, and what entity am I? Am I actually here and living, or is it just a thought? Am I making a complete mess of my aim of life? Sometimes I feel that it would be better to just give everything up, and just be like a lifeless stone, but then almost immediately, I think of the power of ONE, and the difference that an individual can make to society, and I find the motivation to go on. Other times there are when I'm completely lost and life's like a huge burden which has been given to me to make others happy, and I say to myself its one of those days when nothing goes right for you. You get caught for not buying a ticket on train, and you loose your way, step into a hole, and hurt yourself, and try to blame someone else for it all. But, then, living life itself is an art in itself; be it for yourself, or for someone else. Then you feel that yes, you will have to let go of certain things, so that your near and dear ones are happy, and that in itself will make you happy too. The other day, I was coming home from college in the first class compartment in the local train, and I noticed an elderly, but well dressed man chewing on sugarcane, and merrily sucking it up. He seemed to be working in a bank from the looks of things. After he finishes, he put all the left-overs in a polythene bag, and very conveniently placed them under the seat, and left. You cannot imagine what I felt at that very moment. It was like a pool of words floating around in my mind. What my parents, my teachers, and others around had been telling me, my own thoughts, stuff I hear other people saying, and it was like this whole jungle of words, and I was lost in it. I felt like a helpless person caught in the middle of my own thoughts. I was thinkng of all the values injected in me by all the people that I have met, and how I cannnot not listen to what everyone has to say, but still act the way that I want. At that moment, I thought, what is the use of knowledge, and education if this person cannot even pick up his own crap and throw it away. What? let others do the dirty work for you, and that too your dirty work??????? Never. That is not acceptable. Definitely not. Then my thoughts got back to my role in my life. It might sound stupid at first, but you should think of your role in your life. We usually think of ourselves and our lives as one thing, but isolating them and then giving it a thought will really help. What have you been sent here to do? Are you achieving your full potential? Ask yourselves this question time and time again, till you strike at soomething. Then, I felt the urge to live, and live my life the way I want to, and the way it will make a difference to me and all around me. Life comes only once, and living it the way you want to live it is the right way to do it. I felt that by doing so, I'll be able to help out other people who face difficulties in the things that I enjoy doing. Maybe they were forced to do it for watever resason, that is beyond my control. But, I'm very much sure that if they were given a chance to live life in their way, they would surely have excelled their field. So, I consider myself really lucky to have been given that chance, and want to take the utmost advantage of this wonderful opportunity that had been bestowed upon me by God, and thank God for it. Yes, I can make the difference in this world. I can make it a better place for others and myself to live in. That's exactly what I have been sent here to do. I felt as if a huge burden was off my chest, and now I could live life how it was ment to be lived. I thank the Lord for giving me this realization. Elated I definitely was. By then, my station had come, so I quietly picked up the ribbish that that man had left, and got off, and threw it in the first waste bin that I saw.