Sunday, February 06, 2011

Attitude - and a bit of tea!!

Yesterday, I had gone to have Chai (tea) and Brun Pav at Yazdani Bakery. When I was paying the owner (Rashid Zend in the photograph on the previous link) the amount due, he asked one of the waiter to bring a half eaten pav (bread) that a customer seemed to have left behind. He picked it up from the plate, examined it carefully and asked the waiter (in Hindi) "Why did he leave this uneaten?" I was quite taken by surprise by what he had just asked, but was also very very excited about having eaten at a place where the owner himself took such a keen interest in produce and tried to rectify even a single small error that may have occurred on his (bakery's) part.

Now, if we (as programmers) take every customer feedback this seriously and act upon it, I am fairly sure that the quality of the final product will go up by leaps and bounds!!