Tuesday, September 16, 2008

(For me,) Culture is:

unsaid, unspoken
questioned and found to be true
using makkhan and ghee
fresh garam masala
learning from mother
not a photograph
unexpressable, undescribable
knowing how to feed your baby
years of experimentation and knowledge
bundled into a neat package
more trustworthy than science at times
discovering the known
respecting your elders
a series of mutations
a never-ending process
something that transcends education but is akin to it
being misunderstood by people today
taken too literally
knowing what nani used to make for mummy
using a mortar and pestle
more than The Flintstones
older than The Flintstones
not just a chapter in history, but my extended past
mine to give to the future
For me, culture is what it is....