Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Motley Fools

Two motley fools that sit without
know not of a little cloud
that hath wrapped a kingly shroud
some time ago as I do shout

I am but just a little bum
that knows none better than the scum
That lives down that very lane
where I hath seen so many turn insane

Am I just desperado,
or are my problems just so great
that no single word in this blessed state
can justly describe my weird ways

But only God may weigh
as I do say
the truth contained in the pearls within
that fill this leaky vessel to the brim

I seek but not your little gums
as you may think I do come
A little humanity from thee
will make my stay here a fallacy

I do not know for whom this blood
carries veins upon this rough
But I do know that deep within
lies home and purpose so very slim

That I am oh so but prepared
to give all that I have today
and chance upon the one within
the hope that some day I may just win....