Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vohuman's again.

As you may have already read, I was at Vohuman's Cafe on Tuesday, having breakfast. I had:
[1] single egg bhurji
[2] toast butter
[3] bun maska
[4] bournvita

Well, for the longest time, I used to call the waiter with the gay confident gait "Suresh". However, it turns out that his name is "Satish". I shall keep that in mind hence forth. The surprising thing is that he responds to both calls. Why didn't he tell me that the former wasn't his name? If I were him, I would surely have corrected anyone who called me any differently than my pre-assigned handle. Anyways, that isn't the case, and now I know. It's not a very good thing to get people's names mixed up.


nobody said...

Hi my name is nobody. who are you?

Jugal said...

sounds like an irani cafe?

mightyGeek said...

Your preassigned handle might be assigned to a garbage collected object reference...wake up baby...C++ is dead...Long live Java...