Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saving Electricity

With oil touching $135 a barrel, and rising electricity costs in major cities, I thought it would be good to figure out how to keep those bills down.

  1. Turn off the switch on your phone's charger, and don't just remove the phone from the charger.

  2. Use room temperature water for bathing, esp. in this weather.

  3. Electricity costs more with more units used, much like taxes.

  4. Watch your computer usage. Turn off your PC(esp monitors) when not in use. Don't use screen savers.

  5. If you have a habbit of falling asleep while watching TV, use that "auto off timer" on your TV. Most TVs these days have it. Read the manual.

  6. (For India) Turn off your CAS box if you have one.

  7. Turn off the monitor when not in use.

  8. Use power-saving lamps(CFLs)

  9. Use Electronic chokes instead of the traditional induction types. They save up to 40% electricity.

  10. Make sure that there is at least 6 inches separation between the refrigerator and the wall behind it. It helps the air circulate and hence the heat dissipation from the coils.

  11. Use an electronic fan regulator v/s the traditional rheostat type which converts some of it's energy to heat to perform the function of a resistor(hence the heating of the regulator when you run the fan on low speeds for too long).

  12. Last but not the least -- please turn off the lights, fans, etc.... when leaving the room.

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