Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crispy Butter Chapati.... yummm....

I have stopped making bread these days because I prefer eating chapatis. They not only take lesser time, but also involve eating a lot lesser flour. Besides, they are thin, can be made crispy easily, and I've been used to eating them for a while. So, I've decided to experiment with different types of chapatis(whole wheat Indian flat-bread). I don't have any pics. of chapatis I've made, but I'm sure google's image search will show up a faithful representation. Or you can visit this wikipedia page about chapatis.

My latest favourite is a layered chapati with layers of butter in between. Yesterday, it was raining quire heavily so our maid decided to spend the night at our place. I was observing her make her chapatis and she made this chapati with oil and flour in the middle, folded it and started rolling again. She was basically layering her chapatis. That's when I remembered that my mother used to feed me something similar as a kid. However, these tasted like run of the mill chapatis, so I decided to innovate and use butter as the separating medium. Believe you me, this adds amazing flavour and taste to the chapati, and it tastes so good that you can eat it as-is!!


Whole Wheat Flour:2 cups + more for dusting
Water:Enough to make a hard dough
Softened Salted Butter:15 Tbsp


  1. Make a hard dough from the whole wheat flour and water.

  2. Use about 1 Tbsp of Butter and mix it with the dough.

  3. Use this dough to make about 8 portions for rolling out.

  4. Keep tava(pan) for heating up on a slow flame. This will ensure that your tava is heated up evenly and your chapati won't get burnt or cooked unevenly.

  5. Roll out cup size and apply butter generously. Apply dusting flour on the buttered side and fold in half.

  6. Repeat the above step one more time to get 2 folds.

  7. Now roll out completely(using dusting whenever necessary) into a chapati.

  8. Cook the first size on a slow flame on the tava just until small boils begin to appear on the top surface.

  9. Turn the chapati over and apply butter on the complete surface generously. Cook well.

  10. Turn it around again, and apply butter on this side now. Cook well.

  11. The more you change sides of the chapati, the more crispy it's surface will get.

  12. Cook till done, and you have achieved the level of crispness that you want.

  13. Eat it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Your maid is excellent in cooking! thank you, from Germany!

Anonymous said...

Just like my mum used to make. My children now love these too. Calorie count is worrying but everything in moderation is the key!