Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some lessons learnt

I have been working closely with this person called "Ramki", and have learnt a lot of interesting things from him that I wish to share. I don't know if I'll keep appending them to this post or create a new one each time. I guess it depends on my mood and the context and other such stuff....

  1. Never use filenames or variable names in an application that have the name of the product in it. If you ever decide to change the name of the application, you'll have to change all those file and variable names too. This can be a nightmare.

  2. When creating database tables which hold the email address of the user, also use a unique user ID. This allows users to change their email IDs when they please. If you use the email ID as the primary key(like how I was going to), it would not allow a change of email address in a cheap fashion. You would probably have to do an ON UPDATE CASCADE, etc.... and it would be quite an expensive operation.

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