Tuesday, February 02, 2010

An experiment with carbs

About a month ago, Appu, Abbas and myself met and Appu happened to mention that an increased intake of carbs. generally lent itself to hunger pangs if one did not eat for a while.
For the last month, I've been having only salad for lunch, and daal, vegetables and chapati(3 nos.) for dinner and have also been limiting my carb. intake by way of reducing the amount of sugar I add to my hot beverages.
However, yesterday I had 4 liquor chocolates (which Devdas had so generously brought back from New Zealand), 5 milk pedhas (courtesy Jaineev) and 2 Kaju Katris (courtesy Mukesh), which considerably increased my carb intake for that day. Furthermore, I had 5 chapatis and extra helpings of other stuff yesterday for dinner. I don't know if it had any direct link to the carb. intake, but I will be monitoring this more closely now.


Anonymous said...

Carbs beget carbs?

dhruv said...

yeah, seems like it..