Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few rules to live by

  • you can only lie to others, never to yourself
  • don't hurt others -- it will only come back to you
  • you can justify anything -- we all can -- but don't try too hard. you might end up lying
  • python rocks
  • java bites shite
  • java has resulted in more deaths and cases of insanity than road accidents world-wide
  • the average lifespan of a java programmer is 10 years less than that of a python programmer and 7 years less than the average for a human
  • what can kill chuck norris -- programming in java
  • listen to music you like -- don't pretend
  • eat food you like -- don't pretend
  • wear what you like (if you want to wear anything that is) -- don't pretend
  • criticize -- don't be diplomatic when you don't need to
  • praise -- it spreads good vibes -- but don't praise falsely -- it doesn't help at all
  • music will set you free ;)
  • do what you want to, not what you have to or need to -- sometimes you may "need/have" to do the things though; but don't stretch it too much
  • listen to "sunscreen" if you haven't yet
  • don't recommend it to others because it's "cool", but because you think it's worth doing
  • don't do anything "just" because it's "cool"
  • don't not to anything just because it's not cool
  • the arts are purgative and cathartic; write, act, sing, cook, code... anything is art and art is everything...
  • you may need to twist your finger to get the fat out(transated from a hindi proverb); but do it only if it's absolutely necessary
  • talk is cheap; actions are not
  • neither is code
  • show me the code you piece of shite


Pascal said...

Eat cakes; don't pretend you don't like them.

dhruv said...

I'm also a self proclaimed hypocrite... And am not ashamed of it :-p