Friday, December 17, 2010

Help on selected text

Today, I've added this new feature that I call "Help on selected text."

If you select any word or phrase on my blog, a small window will pop-up that will ask you to if you want more information on the selected phrase. If you click on the More Info link, you will be shown some more information if it is available. Pictures if available will also be shown. I am using Duck Duck Go's API to fetch this information. If nothing is found, an appropriate message will be displayed. If you select a block of text that is greater than 60 characters in length, it will be ignored and no prompt for more information will be shown.

Let me know if you find it useful or want to integrate it on your site!!

Update: Sandy suggested making the opacity of the box depend upon the distance of the mouse pointer from the info-box. Implemented this.

Update: A separate page documenting this widget, providing samples and examples has been put up here.

Update: My homepage: is now enabled with the zero-click plugin!!

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