Sunday, February 06, 2011

Attitude - and a bit of tea!!

Yesterday, I had gone to have Chai (tea) and Brun Pav at Yazdani Bakery. When I was paying the owner (Rashid Zend in the photograph on the previous link) the amount due, he asked one of the waiter to bring a half eaten pav (bread) that a customer seemed to have left behind. He picked it up from the plate, examined it carefully and asked the waiter (in Hindi) "Why did he leave this uneaten?" I was quite taken by surprise by what he had just asked, but was also very very excited about having eaten at a place where the owner himself took such a keen interest in produce and tried to rectify even a single small error that may have occurred on his (bakery's) part.

Now, if we (as programmers) take every customer feedback this seriously and act upon it, I am fairly sure that the quality of the final product will go up by leaps and bounds!!


Shaheen said...

Isn't he such an inspiring person? I went there on Friday to give him a copy of the story and ended up chatting with him for half an hour. I was amazed that even at his age, he was keeping up with the latest products in the market - he made me sample some, and compare with his bakes. He was also giving out leaflets to customers impressing upon them the benefits of whole grains and seeds. You must buy his mutigrain boule the next time you go there. Have that slightly toasted and doused in extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of crunchy salt.

Oh you should also just chat up with him - he is utterly entertaining. He reprimanded me for publishing his age. "Now how will I get any birds?"

sandesh247 said...

I miss mumbai ...