Tuesday, March 08, 2011

jQuery stack == evolution

So, twitter was kinda cramped, so I'm writing this here. A bunch of context around this. @addyosmani posted a tweet/link:

"Tools For jQuery Application Architecture – The Printable Chart http://bit.ly/fryIKW"

which I re-tweeted and to which @rakesh314 replied with this tweet/link:

"@addyosmani http://t.co/xWddsTK /cc: @dhruvbird"

So, there's one thing I strongly believe, which is that the jQuery stack seems to be a product of evolution, and evolution is generally not wrong - but that's a separate debate. Lots of people have tried different things and jQuery has evolved to permit all of them to co-exist in (relative) harmony.

The LAMP stack was not THE LAMP STACK before people realized these set of tools that were always used together. It was only after the fact that they decided to bundle them. Different Linux distros. are healthy in the sense that they package what they think their users want.

Similarly, I feel that the jQuery stack is progressing in that general direction and I won't be surprised to see vendors releasing their "version" or "distro" of the jQuery stack.

I'm not as much "against" dodo as I am "for" jQuery.

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