Monday, April 18, 2011

Bajra Roti/Parantha

Bajra atta (Pearl millet flour): 2 cups
Water: Enough to bind the flour (keep 2 cups handy)

  1. Add little water and try to bind the flour. Keep adding a water as and when required
  2. Once the flour is hydrated, add a little more water to make it smooth
  3. Take a plastic sheet and place it on the chakla (flat circular rolling board)
  4. Ensure that you heat the tava (flat skillet) before you begin. Turn the flame to low when it is heated up
  5. Take about 100-150g of dough and place it on the plastic sheet
  6. Sprinkle some millet flour on top of it so that it doesn't stick to your hand
  7. Using your hand, gently press down the dough ball into a flat circular disc - rotating the dough all the time. It should be easy to rotate the dough since the plastic sheet will slide very easily on the rolling board
  8. Keeping the flame on low, place the flattened dough (top side down) on the tava
  9. Once you see small bubbles popping up on the surface, turn the roti over
  10. Heat till you see brown spots on the under-surface
  11. Turn the flame to high and momentary place the roti (turned over again) on the flame directly. This should make the roti balloon. The ballooning of the roti means that it has been cooked properly
  12. Turn over to other side to cook consistently (as desired - but don't burn it please!!)
  13. Serve with dahi (curd), butter, jaggery and vegetables. Enjoy!!

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