Saturday, November 19, 2005

The use[full/less]ness of Software Quality Assurance.

Today, I picked up my SE(Software Enginnering) text book, and decided to read the chapter on Software Quality Assurance[SQA]. Ok, let me put this straight; SE is a subject I don't agree with, and certainly do dislike. No, wait.... I hate it!

I was surprised to see the stuff about SQA written in that book. I just realized that the need for SQA arises only because people lie, and say something and do something else... which is basically lying explained a bit differently ;-) Also, current trends wherein work on software projects is outsourced needs to be checked for quality because of the above mentioned reasons. Hence, this model may not be ideal or even close to that for many not so big companies and software development centres. IMHO, even corporates have something to gain by looking at the other side of the picture....

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