Sunday, November 20, 2005

Xmms bug-fix.

I had been wanting to fix this xmms bug for quite some time now... Was feeling really lazy. Got down to doing it today though.

What's the bug? If you enqueue many songs, and then clear the playlist, and the load a new playlist, then the "queued list" isn't cleared, and contains pointer to the old(now non-existant list). This causes xmms to crash when the currently playing song gets over. It tries to play a non-existant entry! Made it clear the queued-list as well, when the playlist itself is cleared. owever, I'm not entirely sure this is a 100% corrective patch, because it may still be possible to make xmms crash by removing that song which has been queued. I haven't checked if xmms removes queued songs rom the queued-list when they are removed individually from the playlist.

If you want a patch, mail me. It's only 2 lines worth though ;-)

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