Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marketing; the 8th sin?

Did you ever notice how people when the see advertisements tend to either:
1. Believe everything that's shown or
2. Believe only part of what is shown.

Well, I think this has to do with the fact that advertisers tend to (un)intentionally blur the facts to promote their products. I say that because it is not always don't intentionally, but sometimes, it is because of difference of opinion between individuals. Besides the utility of a certain product/feature, is entirely subjective and depends on the individual under question.

I think we sometimes wrongly blame marketing people for their (mis)doings, but I do believe that they need to get their act together and try and stay as close to reality as possible.

The thing with ads is that you can't have an enticing ad that is just factual. It needs to have some sort of feeling or direction to it and that isn't achievable by just spitting out the facts. People sometimes need to be told what use a toothbrush would be to them. You can't just highlight the features of a toothbrush without moping around the teeth, gums and bacteria aspect.

I think advertising will really come of age when advertisers learn to maintain the right balance.

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