Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tnirwahtg gogole's ad "feraute"

I was tihnnikg auobt goolge and all the ad ruenvee it geaenerts and
all the ixndees it mannitias and all our dtaa taht it ixndees and
mekas alabalive for popele to secrah and fnid. Waht if "what if" I had
this piece of data taht I didn't wnat any srcaeh eignne to be able to
unrntesdad and yet allow poelpe to be albe to read. No ads geeaetrnd
besad on the cnentot, but yet ppeole can raed it. Iesrriceptve of the
robots.txt file, the data souhld NOT be ietpntrered in a viald faoihsn
by mniehcas. Mybae tihs isn't a lnog trem sooutiln, but it sure wroks
for now! Now only if I can find a vliad use for it :-p

If you wnat the spcrit, send me an eiaml at "dhruv \bbird@" + "google"[0] + ""


Apurva said...

Instead of making it oh so hard for readers, just write normal english and email the data to them instead.

You clearly don't want any new readers because you don't want your text to be picked up by the search engines. That means you already have a fixed readership in mind. So direct email will work well. That is kind of the point of email anyway: to achieve private communication between parties!

You have a knack of reinventing the wheel in the most absurd ways!


dhruv said...

Actually, there is something very similar called CAPTCHAS which are used to authenticate humans from computers. However, that involves creating an image, and is much more secure and difficult to break than this. Again, it is more resource intensive as well.

My aim is not to target just a few individuals, but all those individuals that reach the page by navigating their way from the main page(as opposed to landing there via a search engine). Now, I don't know of any use for such a "feature" right now.