Monday, October 24, 2011

What business do you want to be in?

Dr. Bender once mentioned in class that memories are created when one experiences joy strong emotions, and in the context of algorithms, when one discovers a solution to some problem.

About a month down, I've noticed that experiences are what I'm going to die with. I vividly remember this episode in school when we were in the middle of the gymnastics competition and were one short of someone on the roman rings. I decided to give it a shot (even though I had never tried it before) and 2 minutes later I found myself stuck "up there". I don't remember all the things that I did right or who eventually won, but I surely do remember getting stuck!

If you are from my school and remember this episode, please leave a comment. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

I want to be in the business of creating memories.

Edit: Fixed the incorrect quote in the first line.


Apurva said...

Hahaha! Birdy, I remember that episode clearly. I think it was when we were in the 9th standard or something.

It was totally hilarious. I remember trying hard to contain my laughter. You looked so badly stuck!

I wish we had a video of it :)

Sandesh Singh said...

Are you sure that this memory - of you being stuck - is one when you experienced "joy"?

dhruv said...

@Apurva: Yes, I wish the world was more "social" back then - just so that we could have this on camera ;)

@Sandesh: Well, I didn't experience pain, and frankly, I was smiling to myself because it was a genuinely funny situation to be in. It was the first time I was doing it ever, and that too in front of a crowd. I should have expected it!! (btw, I've updated the incorrect quote).

Mohammed Ali said...

That is one day i cannot erase off my child hood memory! You sure succeded in making the full (Tagore) Hall laugh of loud!!

Your groans and the P.E. teachers shouts ".. put your hand here... leave your leg".and your gracious smile at the end of your ordeal, add to memorable experience for all in attendence!

Dhruv Matani said...

@ali I so miss those days when we used to be partners and solve math problems together from the same text because Mr. Raymond Fernandes used one of our as a reference... Good times...