Sunday, January 08, 2012

Focaccia reprise

Made Focaccia Bread again after about 2 years of absence from baking. Contains garlic, thyme, oregano, dried basil and olive oil. This is how it turned out:
Ingredients, motivation and housing courtesy Poorvi Matani, and oven & electricity courtesy Panna Parikh. A big thanks to my teachers at IHM and my mom who encouraged my culinary streak ;)

This version lacked rosemary since I didn't have ready access to any. Next batch should have that plus olives, sun-dried tomatoes and maybe some other veggies.

For the complete recipe:

  1. Prepare a mixture of all the herbs (seasonings, namely thyme, oregano, basil) and virgin olive oil. You can use fresh basil instead of dried basil
  2. Saute garlic (important step) in butter and add to the olive oil after it's somewhat cooled
  3. Let this sit in a closed container for anywhere between 4 hours to 1 week
  4. Make the bread dough as explained in this post (or any other bread dough recipe that you are comfortable with)
  5. After the first rise (step-7 in the post), knead in the olive oil and seasoning mixture into the dough, and let it rise a 2nd time in a flat pan (as shown in the picture above)
  6. After it has almost doubled in size, plonk it carefully into a pre-heated oven (410F) for ~15-20 minutes or till it's done
  7. Enjoy!

The last post about something similar was this recipe for Garlic & Herb Chapati.


Aniruddha said...

You couldn't do this in SBU :( You were there for 4 months man !

dhruv said...

Yeah, even Sandy requested many times, but I was just too lazy. Plus, all the ingredients were in the kitchen here. Plus, you don't get small quantity of ingredients here. You need to buy a big bag of flour which would have stayed on the shelf forever.

Gaurav Menghani said...

I am glad I am here for two more semesters :D

dhruv said...

@Gaurav Don't count your loaves before they are baked :-p

focaccia bread said...

Mmm, focaccia! My absolute favorite kind of bread. I don't know why I haven't made it before but I think I'll try soon. Your flavors sound sunny and delicious!