Thursday, February 21, 2013

A great day for freedom

Today, I took Abbas, my dear dear dear friend (and a Muslim) to a pool where for the longest time, only Hindus were permitted to congregate and bathe. Only for the last 2 years has this ban on other religions been lifted (which I felt was unhealthy to start off with). Sense has been knocked into certain quarters!

It feels quite liberating to be able to have the option of not worrying about religion, etc... before associating with people. It's a person for crying out loud!! I remember my days in school where we didn't know anything about the concept of religion and never ever let that feature in the equation of friendship or acquaintanceship.

Why did we let religion govern our lives and let it stop us from doing harmless things we otherwise would have?

हिन्दू, मुसलिम, सिख, इसाई हम सब भाई भाई हैं ।


Yash said...

Ar you talking about the Mafatlal at chowpatty?

Dhruv Matani said...

@Yash: Yes, most definitely.