Saturday, February 23, 2013

Parvorder Platyrrhini or: How I learned to stop worrying and love monkeys

As usual, this is going to be short.

I was coming back by train from Charni Road to Churchgate after a swim at Mafatlal Bath when an eunuch with a baby monkey (maybe less than 2 years old) walked in and started asking for money.

At first, I just ignored them since I had something going on in my head, but eventually they got my attention when the monkey started acting acrobatic in the train and started swinging from pole to pole and climbing the inner walls of the railway carriage (bogie in India).

I walked towards them and quietly handed the owner a ₹5 coin (that's about $0.1). What followed was pure ecstasy! The monkey climbed on me starting from the feet upwards and used my shorts and tee-shirt as support. I found it lodged in my arms like I would hold a human baby. It then walked all over my shoulders and lodged itself on my head (I had just cut my hair super tiny, so I guess that helped). It sat there patiently; probably observing the people around. I'm sure that the others felt as if I was the owner of the monkey! Never ever have I had something like this happen to me, so I was absolutely overjoyed with the proceedings. I wasn't even worried about getting all dirty right after my swim because this was just as fantastic a feeling as I could (not) think of!

Eventually, it was time to step off the train and the owner of the monkey started tugging at its leash, but the monkey would not budge! ha! After a few sharp tugs though, the baby relented and it was time to part ways.

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Yazhini said...

aw that's really sweet. I'd have had a nervous breakdown thinking up all the places the money had put its paws on before it put them on me.

Dhruv Matani said...

lol, I know - and I probably would have thought the same a couple of years ago. I can't imagine what my granny would have to say were she to know about this incident!!