Friday, February 28, 2003

"Hello World" post [first post]

Hello everyone. Firstly, all of those who read this need to be really whacky people. I was wondering why what we write is always more clear, understandable, and concise than what we speak, and definitely more of all that than what we think. If we think about what we think (isn't it kinda recursive, anyways), then, we can probably know what goes on inside our mind. I think that this happens because we cannot speak, and definitely not write as fast as we can think. Isn't that pretty apparent? Well, anyways, even as I write this particular sentence, I'm thinking of at least10 different ways of forming the remaining part of this sentence, and each word that I write has been scanned by my brain for the spelling correctness, gramatical correctness (as in tenses), and also so that it means what I want to express, and it fits into the sentence that I'm writing. However hard I try, and try, and try, and try even harder, I simply can not get my thoughts exactly onto paper, or in this case onscreen. All the sentences in my mind are half complete, half some other sentence, and somewhere else, I'm thinking of what my next sentence is going to be. Its like I know I'm thinking about the next sentence, but at the same time I can not feel that I am. Its kinda pretty wierd if you try to do it youeself. But, by the time I finish writing this sentence, the next sentence automatically comes out without me knowing, and my before I know, I'm furiously typing it out on the keyboard. So, guys and gals out there, just give it a thought, and be amazed at how confused and intertwingled you can get with just something as simple as your thoughts!!!