Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why DuckDuckGo is good for mother

My mother wastes a lot of time online visiting MFA sites because she can't differentiate between the legitimate ones and the scammy ones. I've set up DuckDuckGo for her as her default search engine and she's been complaining lesser about "Why does this site not have what I want?".

I also feel that DDG can have a bang page organized by target audience (such as Mother/Father/Student, etc...). For Mother, these would need to go in:
  • !allrecipes
  • !epicurious
  • !w
  • !yt
  • !lyrics
  • !gimages
  • !gmaps
  • !bloomberg
  • !reuters
  • !songmeanings
  • !news

It would surely make it easier for mother to navigate the shortcuts!!