Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vegetable Ratatouille

Here we go!!

So, we'll be following this recipe for the most part. There are some diversions that I shall mention here. These are the only things I changed from the recipe above.

Tomatoes: We shall make a Ratatouille that has a red (tomato) gravy and the vegetables will be added to that gravy. For this, you'll need more tomatoes (at least 4 more).

Basil: I used dry basil instead of fresh basil, since I couldn't find any where I stay. I used lesser oil at every stage (use about half the amount of oil everywhere).

Olive Oil: Do NOT use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for cooking. Do NOT use Olive-Pomace Oil since it doesn't have a good taste. Use ONLY Pure-Olive-Oil.

Salt: ALWAYS use Salt to-taste instead of measuring it since the saltiness of salt varies from region to region.

Ginger: I also use grated ginger (or ginger paste) along with the garlic pieces.

Bay Leaf: I also used bay-leaves (3 nos.) while sautéing the onions (along with the garlic and ginger).

After the onions are half done, add pieces of (at least) 4 tomatos and cook till the tomatoes are soft. Mash them to form a paste. Follow the recipe mentioned here. Once the other vegetables are cooked, add them to this tomato gravy and cook for about 3 mins. (or till steaming). Cover and let the vegetables soak in the smell for about 15 mins. Serve with rice (you can use brown rice since it tastes really good and is a healthier option when compared with white rice).