Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mummy's "Jeeradu" masala

"Jeeradu" is a masala that we use to flavour our buttermilk and lemon juice. You can add it as-is to buttermilk and optionally sweeten it with sugar. You can also add this masala to a glass of lime juice along with sugar and optionally some salt to get a refreshingly fresh drink!

Jeera(Cumin seed) powder:1 unit
Dry Ginger powder(Soonth):1 unit
Black(Rock) salt powder:3/4th unit
Table salt powder:1/2 unit

Mix up all the above ingredients well, and use about 1/2tsp per cup of the drink required!

Nani's Chai Masala

This is the recipe for the chai masala that makes my chai what it is! It has been passed on to my mother from her mother(my nani) and now to me....


Cinnamon Powder:3/4th Tbsp.
Clove Powder:1/2 cup
Black Peppercorn Powder:1 cup -(minus) 1 Tbsp.
Cardamom Powder:3/5th Cup(60% of a cup)
Ginger Powder(Soonth):2 cups

1 cup is 240ml.
1 Tbsp is 15ml.

I grind the cardamom along with their skin. This adds taste and also saves a lot of effort!

Just mix up all the powders given above well and use it in you tea. Approximately 1/4th tsp. for 2 cups is what I use. You can always experiment and find out what works best for you!