Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The making of a computer cabinet....

Hello everyone. Today, I completed making a computer cabinet for myself! yep.... a home-grown chasis... only for myself. I needed more space for the 2 new SATA disks that I had just added to my existsing system which comprised of:

  1. 2 ATA disks

  2. CDROM drive

  3. CD-writer

  4. Floppy DIsk Drive

So, I needed power extensions, and more SPACE in the chasis. So, instead of purchasing one, which would cost me quite a bit with space for these extra disks that I had(and also taking into consideration the cooling reqired thereof).

I'll try to get hold of some camera, take snaps of the cabinet and upload them here. Along with it will be a detailed description of how I went about making the chasis.

Yeay!!!! I have a few snaps to share now.

Click here
for the set of photos of my custom cabinet.