Sunday, January 08, 2012

Solve this recurrence

T(n) = T(n - √n) + T(√n) + n

Post your answers/solutions in the comments. We were asked this in the final exam in CSE-548 (Analysis Of Algorithms taught by Dr. Michael Bender).

Ayurvedic Way of Life

Follow the principles mentioned here and you should be good to go!!

Also, here is another very informative article about the ayurvedic view on food.

Broccoli should be had fresh!!

Broccoli should be had fresh and not frozen.
  1. Frozen Broccoli is not as firm as Fresh Broccoli
  2. Frozen Broccoli doesn't taste as good as Fresh Broccoli
  3. Frozen Broccoli doesn't contain the broccoli stalk which is not only more nutritious, but also more fibrous than the brocolli florets
  4. According to this page, "frozen broccoli has twice as much sodium as fresh (up to 68 mg per 10 oz. package), about half the calcium, and smaller amounts of iron, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin C."
Peas on the other hand should be had frozen since (from here), "Peas are high in sugar content, so they have to be blanched before freezing to stop enzyme activity from turning sugars into starch and ruining their fresh sweet flavor."

Focaccia reprise

Made Focaccia Bread again after about 2 years of absence from baking. Contains garlic, thyme, oregano, dried basil and olive oil. This is how it turned out:
Ingredients, motivation and housing courtesy Poorvi Matani, and oven & electricity courtesy Panna Parikh. A big thanks to my teachers at IHM and my mom who encouraged my culinary streak ;)
This version lacked rosemary since I didn't have ready access to any. Next batch should have that plus olives, sun-dried tomatoes and maybe some other veggies.
The last post about something similar was this recipe for Garlic & Herb Chapati.