Sunday, January 08, 2012

Focaccia reprise

Made Focaccia Bread again after about 2 years of absence from baking. Contains garlic, thyme, oregano, dried basil and olive oil. This is how it turned out:
Ingredients, motivation and housing courtesy Poorvi Matani, and oven & electricity courtesy Panna Parikh. A big thanks to my teachers at IHM and my mom who encouraged my culinary streak ;)
This version lacked rosemary since I didn't have ready access to any. Next batch should have that plus olives, sun-dried tomatoes and maybe some other veggies.
The last post about something similar was this recipe for Garlic & Herb Chapati.


Aniruddha said...

You couldn't do this in SBU :( You were there for 4 months man !

dhruv said...

Yeah, even Sandy requested many times, but I was just too lazy. Plus, all the ingredients were in the kitchen here. Plus, you don't get small quantity of ingredients here. You need to buy a big bag of flour which would have stayed on the shelf forever.

Gaurav Menghani said...

I am glad I am here for two more semesters :D

dhruv said...

@Gaurav Don't count your loaves before they are baked :-p

focaccia bread said...

Mmm, focaccia! My absolute favorite kind of bread. I don't know why I haven't made it before but I think I'll try soon. Your flavors sound sunny and delicious!